What Are You Snuffing August 2019

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A lot of people hate oil. I love it for trim. It has more depth and is more resilient.

Cheeta and HDT in the nose. I feel like I'm coming down with something....
I enjoy running oil in my brushes. Once they're properly loaded you can get a nice draw, and the finished product is superior in my eye to latex. And yes, it seems tougher to ding or scuff.

Bernard's Magic Moments while I dig through these others from @Peacock . Going on a snuff safari today!
Oil is great on trim and doors....it’s just not what is used to be due to regulations over the years.
Fine Paints of Europe, not cheap but if you're doing stairs in oil or can afford to be discriminating their stuff is great. I prefer oil, but use latex 80 or so percent of the time. The ability to manipulate and work the oil is worth the clean up, and it just looks/holds up better. What brush strokes?

Still on Cheeta but I had some Morlaix last night and dug out the Beedee Beedee today.


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Okay. Tried six photo chocolicious. Ugh. Mentholated.

Ah hah! Cheetah! Let's see what all the fuss is about.....

FRELLING SCHNITZEL!:startle: is that marzipan in there?
Marzipan?! Hahahaha
It takes some getting used to but I found myself always reaching for it in the afternoon

And I started to like Chocolicious but if menthol isn't for you I'd avoid most of those 6photo samplers


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Back at work with my good friends coffee and O&G. The coffee's free and unlimited, but the O&G is sadly not. I'll have to get a fresh supply by next week. But, the fact that I can is pretty cool, especially in the SF area. I really am surprised to find any snuff here at all. I mean, I do wish that my usual had something like a big rack of WoS or something, but I'll take what I can get. MrSnuff will do free shipping again. On that note, I'll have a little more...
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