What are you Snuffing? July 2020


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Back at work, got lots to do tonight, but I need coffee first. Probably have some Gold Label in a bit, just took out the White Fox Full Charge I had in. Thanks to the holiday this weekend, I got paid tonight, and will be grabbing a can of General Original in the morning. I'll be so glad to be back with tobacco snus, as opposed to these nic-gum-in-a-pouch things. The flavor isn't bad, it's a nice spearmint, but I like the taste of tobacco so much better.
I went crazy with snuff on Monday, back and forth between Gold Label and O&G all day, then spent Tuesday getting my nostrils to stop flaking. Always happens when going back to snuff, which is why I try not to fully stop, but the situation was what it was. Anyway, I'm not overly concerned, I have to wear a mask basically all the time. Mandatory in public, and I can only take it off here if I'm in my office and no one's around. I'm gonna have a pinch of GL now, then get started on my work. Hope to be done (or at least at a good stopping point) in a few hours, but hard to say. Med reconciliation is the salt mines of night shift nursing...


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I tried Otto Schmalzer last night. It isnt as rich as Bernard blends but it is VERY pleasant with a scent that seems familiar but I cannot place.

I didnt care for AM at all. It is the same as Toque Apricot to me. Out of the nose it has a sumptous, juicy Apricot smell. In the nose it has a rancid wood oil smell with a harsh burn 🙁.

Also got some Princes. Which is a lot like Bordeaux without Rose and citrus scents. I was hoping to taste the dark base tobacco but it is overpowered by the scent. Still pretty nice though. Much more flavor than Old Paris.