What are you Snuffing? July 2020


Smooth Criminal
I saw a video review of a snuff with hot pepper in it. It was hilarious 🤣. The first 30 seconds the guy is like hmm has a nice chocolate flavor blah blah then the pepper starts to kick in and reaches nuclear levels. I forget which one it was I think it was from the Indian company that makes the American Military sounding blends.
Sounds like FUBAR.


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Back at work on my Friday with the usuals, General Original in my lip (almost gone, but still a bit of salty smoke), Gold Label in my nose, and coffee in my cup. 2 pinches and 2 cups respectively so far, and will be re-upping both soon, no doubt. Got all my paperwork done quick tonight, probably because I got more sleep than usual. Still have a couple things to do, but can't do them yet. Nice and quiet, just gonna settle in for a bit.