What are you snuffing June 2021?


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Sitting here thinking about getting more coffee and having a little Gold Label, which I will definitely be doing in the next few minutes. Been a little busy, I'm taking a moment then finishing up my paperwork. The coffee and snuff will help, they always do. It's my Friday! That makes everything okay, or at least it will at about 7:30...


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Plum Cake / General Wintergreen

I've decided upon a basic Snus recipe and will be giving a go this week. Thanks to the generous extras from @haebar I've got the right stuff to make a homemade Scotch snuff as well. 👍😎

Snus recipe:

4 Cups Flour
2.5 Cups H2O
2 TBSP Salt
2 TBSP Sodium Carbonate

Add salt & hot water to Flour and mix well.
Crockpot on "Warm" 24 hours
Remove, add alkali, cook another 24 hours
Remove, stir every 10 minutes til ammonia fades.
Refrigerate for 1-4 weeks
Freeze any excess that won't be used soon.

Additional options ... I've got some various flavorings to try thanks to @Cramptholomew. Most of them have extra Vitamin N in them as well! 🙂