What are you snuffing March 2020?


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Back at work, with coffee and WoS Gold Label. Haven't been taking much snuff on my offdays this week, nose is not really stuffy, but is being a little reactive. So far it's okay tonight, but if it stops up on me I'll be going back to snus. Got my can of General Original on standby. Here we go...


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SWS Havana Toast today.

@zacRock - Hey there! Six months after you sent me that massive sampler I'm still happily snuffing away. A touch of Rustica with a big Ambrosia chaser has become a recent favorite in my (loose) rotation.
A bag of rustica sounds handy to boost mild blends. I have been really enjoying USA Whiskey and Honey. I dont know how much rustica is in that blend but it is definitely a satisfying pinch.