What are you snuffing? May 2020


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Figured it was time for a May thread, since it's the second and all...
Having some WoS Gold Label, as well as General Original in my lip, for tonight. I said they didn't work well together before, but I think it was just the initial sensory confusion of having both together. For whatever reason, it's pretty good now. Between that and coffee, I've gotten an incredible amount of stuff done tonight. I'm an hour later than usual, but at least there's nothing else to do here until about 6ish. Here comes the best part of the evening...


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Just had some Garrett, no O&G though. My snuff order is about a week past due from the normal time frame. Might have to order extra next time if customs is taking longer than ordinary.
I go through a lot of Garrett. The kick is solid and I like the smokiness.

But, I've found mixing in some O&G elevates it for me. The menthol smooths out the Garrett a bit, with the Garrett adding some strength and backbone to the O&G and taking a little menthol away. They work really well together for me.