What Are You Snuffing November 2020?

Ozark Wizard

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Yeah, since shipping is so high these days, I stock up in bulk on my favorites. Either I can buy them in bulk directly, or about 3-6 large tins will fill an 8oz jar. Either way, the jars keep an airtight seal on the snuff and are perfect for storage as they are for leaf.
That's awesome! It beats wrapping tins in scotch tape over the seams. That's what I do.
You’re speaking my language! I love the lemony creamy finish
It is a good one. You might also like Bordeaux if you like that it isn't as lemony but it is similar a little more complex maybe. For some reason they both remind me of those tootsie pop suckers. Had some Seville earlier. Then mixed some Dental Scotch into my homemade Medicated blend. I really like dark fired and peppermint it has a weird nostalgia. I think it reminds me of a hotel room back when smoking was allowed indoors either that or my dad who always chewed gum and smoked cigarettes.