What are you Snuffing this September?


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I must be in a time labyrinth, nowt' but German Red Bull for me for now, but workin'on it...:deadhorse::old::sf1::imstupid:
Nice stuff, nice box though.....handy sealable applicator, what more do I need ?
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Those boxes are easy to open up, and make great containers for other snuffs once emptied.

On topic: Hedges, Crumbs of Comfort, and O&G so far today.


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Been a snuff-tacular kind of day. Golden Glow during most of the daytime, then some Irish 22, then switched to Garrette Original. Taking snuff outdoors definitely has it's perks, as I found out (again) today. Golden Glow was more minty and more ___ (floral?) while out and about compared with indoors.

Just had a little more Irish 22 immediately followed by some Olde English...beedee beedee beedee!

Will end the evening with Hedges, as that's currently my favorite bedtime snack; definitely ordering plenty of that. You guys (especially @zacRock ) have made a snuff monster out of me!