What blend did your grandfather smoke?


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I'm always interested to hear what blend/blends everyone's dad or grandfather smoked, and stories about them and their pipes. Of course this can include anyone who inspired you to be a pipe smoker as well. My grandfather was more of a cigarette smoker but loved rolling Prince Albert. Once I was around my mother smoking PA and she instantly recognized it from the room note. I had no idea until then what he smoked.


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My great uncle Robert was an avid pipe smoker. Although I haven't got to see his stash yet, I have a few pictures of him with his pipe, and in one (taken in the 80's) he has a bag of Half & Half. However, his wife, my great Aunt Mary, said that he used to take trips to Peretti's and she told me that he'd always come home with tobacco she remembers smelling "...so much better than that lousy s** he'd buy at the corner store". That sure gave me a laugh. I'm hoping I can take a trip to visit her someday and hopefully come home with one of Uncle Robert's pipes!


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My Dad and Grandfathers didn't smoke a pipe. My Great Uncle did. He smoked the OTC 'codger' brands tht were available at the drug store or the grocery store back then. Prince Albert, Half & Half, Captain Black, etc.

Only in the '70's did he start trying out other brands that became available after the first large scale shopping mall opened near here that featured a Tinder Box tobacco store. I don't know what he bought from the Tinder Box as it was bulk in plastic bags and I wasn't into pipes when I was a kid.

I know he smoked the old codger brands earlier though because he had the cans and tobacco tins all over his machine shop holding screws, and other bits of hardware.


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My grandfather smoked Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic in mostly Dr. Grabow and various other drug store pipes.
Smoked Pall Mall and Kent cigarettes as well. On some occasions, he liked Muriel Coronas late in the evening.

He was also a chewer. Liked Red Man, Levi Garrett and such while doing chores around the house. Sometimes he dipped Scotch snuff. Red Seal, Honey Bee and Bruton on occasions.

He was a frugal man, having been raised during the Depression and all. Served his country overseas as a tail gunner on a B-26. He survived 34 missions, came home, and went to work at the local mill. Married his high school sweetheart and raised a family. He was always more a father to me than a grandfather, and I miss him almost every day.
I still have a few of his old pipes and snuff tins. Treasures indeed.
Here’s a pic of him while stationed in France.


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Grampa never smoked while I was alive. When I was bitty he chewed twist and always had package of it poking out of his overall pocket. Later on it was skoal key.
My mom's stepfather smoked a cherry blend that I haven't been able to place as she doesn't remember what it was. I'm thinking maybe it was Middleton's.


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My paternal grandfather was a pipe smoker. All OTC as far as I can remember, and it would have been quite a journey to a tobacco shop. SWR, PA, H&H, and Kentucky Club are four I remember from the cans/pouches. My dad pretty much smoked the same, although he branched out into cheap cigars. I don't remember much about their pipes; I'm sure Grabows or Kaywoodie. I have vague memories of granddad having some sort of metal pipe, which would have been his style; he was a gadget guy.


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Never saw either grandfathers smoke anything besides cigarettes if even that, dad had 2 Grabow's(bulldog and a omega) never saw him smoke either one, never had any pipe tobacco anyplace or any relatives otherwise that smoked a pipe at all, I still have the 2 grabows( not for any sentimental reasons, I'm just too poor or cheap to get rid of a good pipe), and a few more Grabow's since