What blend did your grandfather smoke?


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I never knew my paternal grandfather and I think he didn't smoke. My maternal grandfather seemed to prefer filterless Camels, sometimes Lucky Strikes. But I have a very clear childhood memory of a special lighter that he used, and only a year or so ago I confirmed that it was an "Airflam" (you'll see from the photo that it looks a bit like an oversized tube of lipstick.

Similar to a "New Method" lighter, the Airflam employs a catalytic system of ignition: slide the cap off and when the methanol/air mixture contacts a platinum wire, it ignites spontaneously. As a 5-year-old, this was beyond fascinating.

The flame cannot be blown out, so the only way to extinguish it is to put the cap back on. Grandpa found it convenient...........................................................................until the damned cap came off in his pocket.

He never used it again.



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My paternal grandad smoked ciggies, unfiltered Woodbines .. which me and my brother would often fetch for him from the local Co-Op from the age of about 7 or 8. I can still recollect clearly his voice as he would say 'Nip and fetch me ten Woodbines' :)

The only pipe smoker was on that side of the family, my great uncle Wilf, and I remember he smoked from a yellow tin - probably Erinmore - and I can remember watching him rub out the flakes in the palm of his hand. He smoked dinky straight pipes which is very much my style :puffy:

Mam's side of the family were all cigarette smokers, although her Dad passed before I came along

The other childhood pipe memory is one of the local farmers - who was also our milkman - and he smoked what I'm pretty sure was Condor R/R in a scruffy old bent Falcon


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I do not think either grandfather smoked .. my father , ( 1818-1999 ) smoked Edgeworth ... and Ivstill have some metal boxes filled with assorted nuts and screws. Also some small ones... when Edgeworth stopped production I know he then switched to Granger...all purchased at local Drug Stores.... but he bought his pipes only at Erhlichs.
I really need a few stories of your 181 year old father.
My grandfather smoked PA in the can, with the old type lid on it. My mother had the can after he died.

A fond memory of mine was the friend of mine's dad. We were in his car going somewhere, me and my friend in the back and him driving. He pulled out a plug of Kentucky Twist and cut a section off it and loaded his pipe while driving. The scent of that tobacco burning was the best tobacco smell I've ever smelled. Kt was a chewing tobacco, or sold that way. It was available everywhere in an amber colored celophane bag. If I could find some locally, I'd try it in a pipe.

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Paternal grandfather smoked cigars, don't know what kind. I only met him once, in the driveway in front of our house.
Maternal grandfather chewed Bloodhound plug tobacco.
Maternal grandmother did not partake, but most of the other women in the family of her age either dipped or inhaled snuff.
Father smoked Pall Mall cigarettes.


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I never saw my grandpa smoke a pipe but when he found out I did he got the biggest kick out of it! He then told me that when he was in the Military he got sick of other Marines asking for cigarettes. So he started smoking a pipe instead. When they asked for cigarettes he would ask if they had a pipe. They never did and he didn't have to share his tobacco.... It's a good memory. It was Union Leader