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What do you think of rum tobaccos?

K Williams

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my vote goes to mac baren navy flake, it's not overly drenched In rum but you can taste it, also it is a very easy flake to work with, the moisture is just perfect to rub, cube or fold and stuff straight from the pack.

As a bit of a curve ball I would also recommend ennerdale flake as that has a decent rum flavour (although I would say in my opinion they use a spiced rum rather than say a navy rum) along with the other menagerie of flavours.

Also I haven't tried this one, but peterson Hyde park may interest you as it flavoured with rum and maple, this is actually blended for peterson by gawith hoggarth and gawith hoggarth do a tin called rum and maple which is a broken flake which I suspect is what is used for the peterson Hyde park.
Sigh... Four tins of MacBaren Navy Flake on the way. Your post, and the SmokingPipes sale are to blame. LOL
My first rum tobacco was Royal Challenge, which I liked a lot at first. Then I tried Officers' Club which seemed to jack the rum up quite a bit. Liked that one too, but when I went back to Royal Challenge it seemed kind of bland.

From there I tried Barbados Plantation which, to me at least, seemed a bit over the top. Haven't smoked a rum blend since trying BP. Might be time to go back and see if my tastes have changed....or maybe I'll just start over again with Royal Challenge.
Woodsman; did you smoke the Barbados Plantation indoors or outdoors? I may look into Officers Club and Royal Challenge.
I'm fairly sure I smoked it indoors. Now that it has sat opened for a few months, I may try it again.

I dug up a tin of Royal Challenge and am smoking it now (indoors). Very nice. I'll probably be happy with it as long as I stay away from the Officers' Club.