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What do you think of rum tobaccos?

K Williams

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my vote goes to mac baren navy flake, it's not overly drenched In rum but you can taste it, also it is a very easy flake to work with, the moisture is just perfect to rub, cube or fold and stuff straight from the pack.

As a bit of a curve ball I would also recommend ennerdale flake as that has a decent rum flavour (although I would say in my opinion they use a spiced rum rather than say a navy rum) along with the other menagerie of flavours.

Also I haven't tried this one, but peterson Hyde park may interest you as it flavoured with rum and maple, this is actually blended for peterson by gawith hoggarth and gawith hoggarth do a tin called rum and maple which is a broken flake which I suspect is what is used for the peterson Hyde park.
Sigh... Four tins of MacBaren Navy Flake on the way. Your post, and the SmokingPipes sale are to blame. LOL