What is your favorite non aromatic


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Russ' Tastykake is really good. It's bulk, always on sale and there's a limited amount so you better act now!!!!!. All joking aside it is really good.
I never got what the hype was for Haunted Bookshop, need to revisit it now that it's been in a jar for a bit.

Michael Sylvia

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Maybe I should get a noodle press for Father's Day, BS in a press sounds good.

I just use a good old C-Clamp, a board and a hockey puck. After a week Arango BS is so smooth and delicious. You would be amazed at the difference.

One thing to note is, use a quality C-Clamp! A excellent one is the Pony brand that Lowe's sells. It's about $15 but worth it. Plus you can use it for many other projects.

I'll be blending Hobbits Weed sometime next week, and I'm going to press it for a week. It should be outstanding.
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