What is your most smoked blend?

Coastal Bend

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I had to go back and re-read the OP to get clear in my mind the question. At first I was reading it as "What do you reach for most often *now*?" but actually @Hunter Hughes said: "Not what your favorite blend is necessarily, but which blend you have smoked more of than other blend since picking up the pipe?"

Given that, I'd have to say for me it would be MM 965. Smoked more than a pound a month for a long, long time as my only blend. That's not the case any more, haven't smoked a single bowl of it in months and months, but overall it still wins the prize as the "blend I've smoke more than any other blend..."

Adam Bybee

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This is an interesting question to ponder that I really don't think I have an answer for. My pipe smoking habits are skewed so heavily towards variety rather than consistency that I don't think I could possibly know which one I would have smoked the most of. Whatever blend happens to hold that title certainly wouldn't hold it by more than, say, a few bowls worth over #2. Now that I think about it there are a bunch of blends that I've smoked a whole tin's worth of but not many that I've smoked more than that. Once I finish a tin or a jar of something, even if I really love it, I'll always choose to open up a tin of something new to try rather than smoke the same thing. I've started to narrow down my preferences but haven't come close to exhausting the available stable of new blends to try yet.