What is your most smoked blend?


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Definitely C&D Morley's Best. I'm about halfway through my 3rd pound of it (and only 5 years smoking a pipe). Still smoking it 2-3 times a week, and that's pretty often when you only smoke one bowl a day. I could smoke just that if I had to, but I enjoy not having to commit to just one. That being said, when I'm standing in front of my tobacco, not sure what I want to smoke, going back and forth between this blend and that blend, I will hit a certain point when I'm just like, "Screw it, I'll have another bowl of Morley's..." And it's always a satisfying choice.
My second place is either Orlik DSK/Peter Heinrich's DSF, which totaled together equal about a pound, but I don't smoke those anymore. Actually, Haunted Bookshop may have caught up with those by now. Epiphany, too...


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I think I've probably gone through more tins of Escudo than just about anything else to date. I could foresee Capstan Blue Flake overtaking it if it wasn't so expensive. Probably Kramer's Father Dempsey will overtake it as some point since it's cheap and so good. If I smoked everything I owned without buying anything more Penzance would overtake them all, since I have a couple of pounds of it on hand and only 4-8 ozs of any other blend.


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Y'know, I can't help noticing that goopers sell the most in the U.S., but this thread tells a different tale, it would seem.
Perhaps it's a problem of passion - the level of piping enthusiasm shown by we PSD'ers.

I was visiting with an older gentleman last night & he was reminiscing about an uncle that smoked an OTC cherry blend (he didn't recall the brand), but only occasionally. Not many forum folk are so intermittent in their bowls.