What is your most smoked blend?


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Hmmm...I'd have to guess either McClelland's Navy Cavendish or Rattrays Red Rapparee.
Not to put too fine a point on things, but the above is based on over 30 years of pipesmoking. My most smoked blend over the last year is Watch City Old Black Magic. Followed by Watch City Slices, and then probably SG BBF. I still smoke the original two a lot, though....


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For me it is Rattray's and Semois.

I'm curious to see what blend everyone has smoked the most of? Not what your favorite blend is necessarily, but which blend you have smoked more of than other blend since picking up the pipe? For myself I would say Father Dempsey or Carter Hall.
That is indeed a great question and hard to answer because I like variety.


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Luxury Navy Flake and Luxury Bullseye Flake by Peter Stokkebye by far. I got hooked on flakes with Escudo, I was gifted an old, aged A.C.Peterson tin and found heaven. Still very much enjoy STGs version also. Then I found and settled on PS, partially due to cost and partially due to availability. I would maybe buy a tin of Escudo at my local B&M if they had it, but I would always bulk buy PS, as they always have it. For a long time I was hooked on Dunhill’s Early Morning Pipe (EMP). I don’t smoke it as much as I used to, tastes change. I still have a giant stash waiting for me a my tobacconist when tastes change again haha. As I am convinced they will.