What kind stem you prefer?


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Almost all my pipes have bent stems. I only have a coupe that are straight and none of them are really my favorites to smoke. I find a straighter stem is easier to carry but the bents hang more easily.
As for filters I can take or leave them. The utility pipes have them but the nicer ones don’t and they honestly don’t seem to make that much difference to me.


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I’m still trying to figure out what stems I like best but Liverpool’s have my favorite style these days. I like a good taper, not too wide and quality black ebonite. I also appreciate a good saddle stem. As long as there isn’t too much excess material I’m good.


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Favorite stems are: 1) slightly bent Missouri Meerschaums (the soft black plastic has a very comfortable feel in the mouth), and 2) the astonishingly thin stem of the small Jarl pipe that I inherited from my dad. If only the best of both could be combined.

Decades ago I tried a rubber pipe bit and it felt like I imagined a pacifier would feel.
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