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What Type of Tobacco Tends to Color a Meerschaum Faster.


Mostly Harmless
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Many folks say aromatics.
I don't think what you smoke is as important as how much you smoke it. Smoke it a Lot and it will color.

I've done a lot of restorations and nothing slimes and clogs a pipe like a Captain Black or 1Q. Pipes clogged with 1Q literally bleed red, which may or may not be good for coloring a pipe- I really dunno.

In my own meers I have not seen aromatics resulting in more color than anything I might smoke (I have two aro dedicated meters and three others).
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Ray Mackessy

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@Spillproof . I probably won't be smoking aromatics in my new meer, cobs are reserved for aromatics. It will probably see mostly Burley because that is my tobacco leaf of preference, although an occasional English is a possibility.