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What's going to be in your last bowl of 2018 and what's going to be in your first of 2019? (Name the tobacco)


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HU Balkan Passion is looking like it will be my final bowl for 2018, smoking it now. First bowl for 2019 will be a McClelland VA flake- McC’s VA’s were probably 50% of what I smoked prior to their close and very little since the close. I’ve got plenty socked away but only now it seems like I can get back to enjoying them, even knowing they’ll never be replaced.


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Last smoke of 2018 was Haunted Bookshop. Haven't decided what I'll smoke tomorrow. Part of me says Irish Flake, mostly because I usually have IF on my Tuesdays and Fridays after work, but then I think I may break out some of the last of my London Mixture... I'll see what I'm in the mood for when the time arrives. Most likely will be something completely different.


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I figured my last bowl was going to be EMP, but I ended up sneaking in a couple bowls yesterday of my own blend (that turned out to be fabulous).

Not positive on the first bowl. It will probably be McM 40th anniversary or Dunhill Flake, however I have an unopened tin of FM On The Town which I have never smoked. First bowl might be a good time for that . . .

The pipe depends on which baccy I pick.