What's in your cheek?


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Gutting it separates the men from the boys! There's always the Texas Pinstripe while driving, though I usually just open the door and spit while in typical Houston traffic if I can't find a spit cup (rare occurrence, because almost anything can serve as one).

I'm well into my 50's and have really reached a stage of "Don't Give A F@#$."


Wyrd bið ful aræd.
Candy I say! I believe Copenhagen is produced the same way nasal Snuff is, except that the Cut is way too big to be comfortable in the schnoz. Maybe pulverize it and sniff some @Deadfrog .
It wouldn't take much to reduce it down to a nasal snuff at this point, I might just try it!

Living out of hotels, especially in the winter, it's tough to be able to smoke a pipe. So I always keep a pack of Dunhill Special Reserves as a backup and a tin of Cope as a backup-backup. The Cope doesn't see much action. But I sure do enjoy it. Great stuff!


Misty, Fetch !
I got on Cope while in Nam, couldn’t smoke my pipe most of the time. When I got back “To the World” my wife raised hell with me and said no way. When I quit cigs 50 years ago and couldn’t smoke my pipe I got back on Cope. Now I still use Cope but it’s mint pouches now, Mimi tea bags if you will. They are enough nic to be me sane between pipes. I’ll probally do it until they cover me up.