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What's in your cheek?


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Well, the weather has been in the 90s the last few days. Stayed in the nice AC today, perfect for Snus and Chew.
General Original Portions, Ettan Loose, Days o Work plug.


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Stokers lc natural. I dipped cope fine cut for 20 yrs. I quit for about 8 months and then during a bay fishing trip in port O’Connor I bummed a dip... back to the love affair w lady nic. I decided to buy the cheapest snuff I could find and settled on stokers. I could tolerate the tastes and it didn’t give me heart burn. Too bad I didn’t do this with bourbon and pipe tobacco.


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I've heard someone say that Skoal mint X-tra pouches are a very discrete way to enjoy Lady N. Having facial hair helps hide the small bump too. That's what I have heard.