What's in your cheek?


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Been trying to quite for over 25 years now and I much prefer to smoke a pipe but when I can’t smoke I’ve got Copenhagen Wintergreen Long Cut in my lip. Think I’ve just stuck with wintergreen for so long now, nothing else tastes right to me but on occasion I’ll mix it up and buy other flavors. I’ve tried to get into snuff instead but that stuff closes up my nostrils. I’ve found a use for snuff however, it’s fun to sprinkle on some pipe tobacco to give it a bit more strength and add some flavor.


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A while back I ordered several varieties of snus and now I've worked my way through them. The first one I really enjoyed was Skruf BlackBerry and the regular Skruf white slims. Then I got into the General stuff and I liked those as well- especially the slim white extra strong mint. I didn't really like the Goteborg's and I thought Ettam was just plain foul (way too salty). Then Jake sent me some Oden's White Slim and I powered through it- that stuff will really get your heart going. Apparently I like the extra strong varieties but I don't want to get too used to that so I just purchased a bunch of General mint "locally" (1.5hrs from here). And Jake is sending me some more. That'll do.

I also had some misadventures with Copenhagen.
I bought a few tins to revisit the brand as it had been about 30 years since my last dip; I got mint pouches, regular, and long cut. The mint pouch was just way too sweet and flavored- I nearly gagged. The Long Cut is nothing like I remembered - it's cut pretty darn fine in it's own right. And forget about the regular. I tried the LC a couple times and enjoyed the first five minutes but couldn't keep it in place and got rid of it as fast as I could. Those three tins have now been donated to a logging neighbor.