What's your favorite "new to you" blends


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Yep! I bought a few tins and then smoked one. Then I bought several more tins and smoked one. Then a few dozen tins and smoked one. I did this over the course of a few years. I never dreamed it would go away - I just bought a bunch because I loved it. Thank goodness I did! Possibly the finest Virginia on the market... uh... well, not anymore.
re: McClelland CPCC Rich Virginia Ribbon... A taller stack would'a been nice.


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It was on sale, and it sounded good, and damn, it is: Kramer's Extra Smooth (nee Extra Mild). It's cavendish and Virginia and delicious. I've read it is flavored, though it just tastes sweetened, if anything. Old school flavors that remind me of early 70s and innocence. SP now carries it. A budget and available version of Rattray's Jock's Mixture. Low nic, smells great, smokes fine fresh out of a tin with 2 weeks' age.


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The last new to me blend I had was a couple years ago, Savinelli 140°
It is crazy good
I'm looking forward to trying this one. I bought a tin couple years ago but still haven't tried it. At the time I didn't know that it was a limited release otherwise I would have probably bought a few more tins. I've heard great stuff about it and with a floral topping, it sounds right up my alley.

I haven't tried to many new blends lately but the latest one that really surprised me and I am really enjoying is Amphora Virginia. It's a great dark VA in a rough RR cut. Good stuff
Its been awhile since I posted on this thread and my rotation has changed drastically since. I have been enjoying some Christmas Cheer 2017. Although i’ve Had CC before this has been my first go with 2017. I really don’t have the fine tuned palate to differentiate between vintages, but they have all shared one component. They are awesome.

The other real standout since my last post is GH Rum Flake. I’m rather surprised it took me this long to try it. Every bowl of this so far has been a real pleasure. This may Be one I trade for in the future.