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What's Your Favorite Virginia Oriental?


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I bought a number of tins of the C&D VA Oriental at the Chicago Trade Show and have been really enjoying this blend. I don't believe it has any Latakia. For whatever reason, I have not really ventured into the VA Oriental blends without Latakia much up to this point. I ordered a few different blends online and have tried them a bit. I kind of like Newminster No 84 Virginia Oriental Pipe Cut. Even though I haven't smoked much, my initial impressions of Captain Earle's Honor Blend are very positive. I also bought an ounce of Low Country Natural Virginia & Oriental. Yuck, I did something with this blend I rarely do, i.e., quit half way through and emptied out the bowl.

I haven't done extensive research but there doesn't seem to be a ton of Va Oriential blends out there with no Latakia. Just wondering what other people's VA Oriental favorites are? By the way, aside from it seeming to nip my tongue a bit, I don't have anything against Latakia and have a good quantity of English and Balkan blends. It just seems these VA OR blends without Latakia have a unique flavor I am really liking.


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McClellands Virginia #24 but the Watch City PSDTOY is making a strong case.
This is awesome news!

I’d add SG Sam’s Flake to the list, for some strange reason I thought it was an aro and never got around to trying it until fairly recently. It’s terrific and having found a few aged tins (5 and 10 years) it develops just like FVF or St James Flake (phenomenally).


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@Hoosierpipeguy if you ever get into a trade with @Ozark Wizard, ask for some Pebble Castle. Great stuff! Virginia, Orientals and I think some perique.
I did have a trade with Ozzie. Since you mentioned it, I have a couple of the jars unopened, one being Pebble Castle. Awesome! I guess I'll have to open it now, I was saving it for later to try.


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Sadly, some of the best ever are out of production. I keep one eye peeled for the chance deal on #24, #2025, Yenidge Supreme, and a couple others in the Grand Orientals lineup.
There are a few outstanding classics like Tudor Castle and Butera’s Blended Flake that contain portions of perique.
Of current production, here’s a few in no particular order (some also contain burley or perique):
B.S.Flske, Sam’s Flake, Oriental Silk, Bijou, Embarcadero, Cairo, Brunello Flake, Ascanian No1, and we’re all anxious for Ernie’s OTR.