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Whats your top 5 snuffs?


Burn out Bright
How different is the super from normal Kailash? I’ve never tried it.
Their finish is similar with more fruity citrus at the finish with the super and the regular having a mild hint of the the same although considerably milder citrus note. Immediately the nose on the super is full throttle lemon zest and the staying power is more than adequate. With Kailash being as dark a brown or even black in appearance the super is a rich dark reddish brown. I wouldn't be surprised if the super were nothing more than Kailash blended and aged with just lemon zest in decent amount added. Both are of excellent quality and the nic hit is settling with a more fruity note going to the Super Kailash


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1. Garrett Scotch, my usual pinch
2. Silver Dollar Raspberry, better than the real thing
3. Silver Dollar Original, a nice mild sort-of SP
4. McChrystal's O&G, this would probably be # 1 but I can't take more than 1 pinch or so a day, menthol and eucalyptus tear my nose up...
5. My mix of Garrett Scotch and Silver Dollar Raspberry, half and half, smoky and sweet and just lovely

Of course, I have a piss-poor snuff selection here. One store that has Garrett Scotch and Sweet and nothing else, one shop that has a randomly varying selection of Silver Dollar and nothing else, and that's all I've found. Soon I'm going to order from Mr. Snuff, and get a nice selection of things.