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Whats your top 5 snuffs?


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If I include commonly available (no Old Mill, OPS, De Kralingse), in no particular order -

F&T HDT, F&T Old Paris, SWS Havana Toast, WOS Jasmine, Viking Dark, SG St. Elmo, Bernard's Original F, 6P Kailish, and most anything from Rosinski. Maybe L260 for a menthol.
I had to look up and see what L260 was. It sounds interesting. Where is the best place to get it?


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Wilson’s Dr Rumney
Toque Whiskey and Honey (the Wilson’s version is amazing, but a sneeze factory for me)
Wilson’s IHT 22
Garrett Scotch
Changed to:
Toque Whisky and Honey, not USA
ToqueUSA Chocolate
IHT 22-I suspect this will soon be replaced by Toque Lime Toast or Marmalade and Toast
Wilson’s SM Blue/Dr Rumney
Toque St Clements


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Alrighty! Well I just realized it's been over a year now since jumping nose first down this rabbit hole. I wanted to come update my list. I have not yet looked back at my original top 5. I want to see how my taste have changed since posting this thread. So here we go....

1. Super kaliash. I just can't get enough of this one. The only down side is that the...hmmm....room note? To people near me gets pretty bad reviews. IDC....i love it. SK never clogs me up, in fact it keeps me pretty clear. Nic hit is perfect, not to much, not too little.

2. Dental Scotch. Love at first sniff for this one. Actually tied for first with SK probably. I keep conning back to this. The smokines I get from DS is fantastic. It's fairly easy to take, but it will let me know if my technique needs attention. I really really enjoy the nicotine in DS. It's alot, but not overwhelming. I use DS alot as a ciggaret replacement snuff and it keeps the monkey on my back plenty satisfied.

3. Coffee kick. Snuff this one everyday and for the life of me I can't describe it. Many layers of funkness. Good funkness. Sometimes it kind of reminds me of some of that west coast blend tobacco. It's that kinda funky. Impossible to sniff to hard or take to much. It's a good one to practice big pinches with.

4. Special M. I don't snuff this one everyday. Sometimes only every few weeks, but I always know when nothing else will do. Sometimes a menthol hit like that is perfect. I need to try more menthols I think...i just have not taken the time to fix what's not broken.

Hmmmm....im having trouble deciding a number 5....lets see....

5. Based on consumption alone I'd have to say silver dollar coffee. I hate to place this one on my list because it's bitter sweet for me in that I love the flavor of this one but recently it irritates my throat every sniff. It's like my forbidden fruit. I know it's going to hurt but it's so dang good I'll sniff it anyways.

Fhew!.....alright well that's my updated list for now. I'll come back in a few months or a year or so and see how things have changed again.


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Ahh, so many good snuffs to choose from, it's hard choosing just five but let's see here. In no particular order, btw.

F&T High Dry Toast - when I first tried this, I didn't understand what the big deal was. But for a ground to silk/dry snuff, this one is just about the easiest to take. Subtle smoky tobacco aroma and a hint of spice on the finish. Not terribly complex, but the aroma lasts a fairly long time for a toast.

Viking Dark - For a while this was the only snuff I had a desire for. Deep, round, rich, long lasting smoky tobacco aroma with a noticeable kick. Love this stuff. I have come to understand that Snuff Store Black Magic and SG Black Rappee are practically indentical to Viking Dark which is good to know since it's often out of stock.

WoS Ice Licorice - If you hate black licorice, you'll probably hate this. However, for those that like it, and who are looking for a decent menthol kick, this snuff is lovely. Wonderful balance between the licorice and menthol effect. And while the menthol sensation is relatively short lived, the licorice scent is long lasting.

SG Kendal Mastiff - Dark tobacco base with a very subtle hint of peppermint. This one trips my brain's notalgia trigger and I honestly don't even know why. Viking Dark like in aroma and fullness with a lingering but never cloying, peppermint candy smell.

De Kralingse Prins Regent (RIP) - Course ground, a bit hard to take and capable of producing mad-drip, but I loved the citrusy, evergreen aroma. Kind of SP like in flavor but comparatively more unique.

Honorable mentions: Poschl Gawith Apricot (first snuff I ever tried), F&T French Carotte, Toque USA W&H, anything I ever sampled from Old Mill, McC's Hops, Toque Camphor & Clove and many more....;)