When Does Balkan Sobranie Usually Come Out?


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Last time I was at Cascade--I guess it was 2019--it only had a handful of house blends in baggies, not a single tin or any branded bulk. These days, as you may know, 82nd Ave. Tobacco has about the same amount of variety as Rich's, if not more, and is cheaper.
This has been my experience as well. About 6 years ago or so when I first gave the pipe a shot Cascade had a bit better selection. Still seem like great people, just not much to choose from in the tobacco department these days (about a month ago). 82nd is probably the main place I frequent…decent selection of both tins and bulk…even some Sam Gawith and Rattrays every now and again. There is also Timber Valley over in Cedar Hills (small selection of bulks and the odd Tin of G.L. Pease) and another place over by Uwajimaya in Beaverton (name escapes me) can usually be counted on for tins of Peterson’s stuff. Tobacco Town on Mcgloughlin actually has a better selection than you would expect though still not anything mind blowing. Haven’t made it to Rich’s yet…it takes a lot of motivation for me to go anywhere near downtown Portland if I’m not getting paid to as part of my job.
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