Who’s smoking 1-Q?


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I went on a 3 week camping/roadtrip. I grabbed a new 4 oz. baggie of 1Q. Being in a hurry ( bad to pick ‘that there terbaccy for a trip, when your rushing to leave!!) After the first week, I had to stop and buy some Prince Albert just to have a change. Me thinks I founder’d my self on 1Q. Sorry Lane. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️Semper-fi & This We’ll Defend, Mike


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I read a while ago that Lane Ltd ended production in Tucker, Georgia, so is IQ and all the '1Q by other
names', tobaccos produced in the US now or somewhere else?
Lane Limited is the property of Scandinavian Tobacco Group since 2018, or so. While they kept manufacturing in the US for some time after the acquisition, all their blends are now manufactured in Denmark.


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This thread inspired me to crack open a quart jar of 1Q I’ve had stashed since 2019. Wasn’t trying to age it, just moved mostly away from aromatics (not totally, but I’m a VA kind of guy now). It’s as I remember it, a nice, easy aro. Ms Wiz commented positively on the scent (which she never does). Maybe this will be my dead of winter, garage pipe blend this year.


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It was one of the first blends I ever tried and I like it but have since moved on. I plan on revisiting it and keeping some on hand since it is a easy smoking aromatic and has a nice vanilla flavor that doesn't invoke thoughts of chemical warfare.

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Unabashedly aromatic piper here, of course I have 1-Q in my cellar, and lots of it. I find it to be an enjoyable and consistent vanilla type blend on its own and also makes for a great mixer to cut stronger stuff if I so desire. While I’ve evolved and enjoy lots of other blends, 1-Q is typically in my rotation about once a week during the cooler months. It’s a nice palate cleanser between Latakias and VAs and a go to blend if I can’t decide and just need to zone out and be in the moment. It’s by no means complex nor a nicotine bomb and likely wasn’t formulated to be, but it is consistent and not overpowering for what it is which I appreciate. The room note is the best accepted by others amongst all the different blends I have and the Mrs has even offered to let me smoke it indoors at times when the weather is bad, although I’ve not yet taken her up on that offer yet. It definitely brings about that nostalgia smell and neighbors have told me it happily reminds them of relatives who piped. The only qualm I have with the stuff is that for whatever reason last summer it tasted off during days with higher temperatures with high dew points. Could be I just prefer it during cooler weather or perhaps my taste buds are changing a bit, IDK.


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I smoke a lot of 1-Q and it’s Lane and OTC variants. 1-Q is the Genghis Khan of pipe tobacco. CBR is one of my favorite smokes, gold too.
The ‘Genghis Khan of tobaccos,’ nice Got a kick out of that. As long as it doesn’t have his STDs!

On topic, I haven’t had any 1-Q in a good while, and I’m sure I’ve got some in a jar somewhere, I’ll have to dig it out and fire it up sometime soon. It’s absolutely what got me started on a pipe a decade or so ago, but I don’t think I’ve had any since returning from my ‘hiatus.’


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I miss Tinderbox.

Agreed! I used to love going into the Tinderbox stores near me...both in a local mall and in a local shopping center, and looking at collectibles, lighters, pipes, cigars, etc. I bought a few Zippos there over the years. I bought a pocket watch for the best man in my wedding and had it engraved there. And I bought my first pipe, pouch, tobacco, and pipe tool there.

They've closed most of them around here but I think there is still one or two left. There used to be at least 4-5 in the Charlotte area. The last time I went in one was because McClelland was going out of business and they made Tinderbox's Reserve 1928 Tobacco, which is one of the few aromatics I smoked regularly so I wanted to buy up what they had left!
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