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Who's got a leftovers/odds & ends/bits'n'pieces jar?


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I have seen little mention of this lately, but I imagine it must be a common practice. Someone around here (or PSF), and I forget exactly who, gave me the idea of collecting various little scraps and trimmings from my flake-slicing and bowl-packing and tossing them in a jar together. I've been doing this for the past year+ now, and have a growing jar of shavings - they really pile up faster than I'd expected. I even tossed in a little baggie of some God-knows-what aromatic that I'd forgotten all about.

I have no particular scruples around this practice. I just toss the little bits left on my board after packing a bowl (any substantial remnants go back in their respective jars, of course) into my Bits'n'Pieces container. Sometimes I have no real leftovers at all, but I throw a little pinch of this and that in anyways, just for "Seasoning" (or so I tell myself). This means for me, it all collects in one jar: from Carter Hall to Esoterica Woodbridge. From Captain Black Grape to '05 Christmas Cheer. You get the idea.

I'm interested to hear other piper's thoughts and behavior around this. Especially if you've been doing it for a long time. One small bowl proved a strange but not unpleasant smorgasbord of flavors. Am I nuts? Impart to me your kookiness and wisdom alike.


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I don't have an odds and ends jar. I don't like the idea of randomly mixing together tobaccos, especially if they are blends that I enjoy. Usually if I reach the tail end of a tin I choose a pipe with the appropriate chamber size to accomodate what's left.

When bits and pieces of tobacco drop on the ground or collect on my garage bench it's eventually swept up and thrown out. Futhermore, regardless of what's left, dottle gets ditched (I have a friend who's been known to pack fresh tobacco onto dottle that's been left to dry in the bowl), yuck. Also if I smoke a 1/2 bowl and can't finish the rest in a reasonable amount of time, it goes in the garage as well.


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Same, Tried it but not a fan, it became compost. Now, when I have a little left in a tin, I toss it in with whatever other blend I have is similar; I just tossed some Luxury Navy flake in to McBaren Navy Flake. I disappears in there and no more expensive compost!


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I used to throw the leftover tidbits of a tin that wouldn't amount to a full bowl into one jar as well and didn't like the resultant Frankenstein blend either. VAs/VaPer/English/Aro mix = Blech.

Since then I have created two seperate jars, one for straight Virginia/VaPer leftovers and another for English leftovers. The results are MUCH BETTER when you segregate by blend type. The mixture of Virginia/VaPer leftovers are particularly nice after being ignored for quite some time.

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My experience tracks with @blackmouth210 -- I did it at one time, but don't any more. The "blend" I got wasn't terrible, since it was various non-aromatic blends but, I just didn't really enjoy it. Now I do same, work a tin or a pouch down to the bottom and figure out a way to use the last -- either in a smaller bowl or topping off something else.
I used to have one and found I never would reach for it. Now I just finish the tin or mix in a little of something else that's opened to fill a bowl.


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I do have something that resembles a large jar. Most call it a trash can. I pay the asking price for people that blend for a living. I have no illusions of being able to come close to their efforts with either a concerted or random effort. Life is too short to suffer a mediocre or bad bowl of tobacco for the sake of saving fifty cents.

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I have a similar jar labeled "Stuff and Things" that I used to do that with. I would take care only to toss things in there that were reasonably similar and worth keeping. Only the last bits of blends that I really enjoy. I very rarely smoke from it though and probably won't continue doing that in the future too much. I've got enough good tobacco open at any given time that It's very unlikely that I'll even have a real need for it. I'll keep it around just for the heck of it though, maybe in 20 years all of the random components will have married together into something tasty.


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I've been doing this for some time now. I'm up to 3 quart jars filled with scraps and left overs. Some blends that I didn't like I put the whole thing in. I opened up one of the quart jars last year and was pleasantly surprised. It really wasn't that bad. Completely by accident I had something that was very smokable for my palate at least. I call these jars my apocalypse jars cause they would be the last things I would smoke if I ever ran completely out of the good stuff. I got curious so I opened one up.


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I have one for va. based blends & one for lats. But instead of putting scrapings in them, I usually wait till the contents left in a jar won't fill up a bowl then add that to whatever scrap jar it will help the most. If it won't help either, I load it in a pipe then use scrap to top off the bowl. I've yet to figure out how to work g&h into this system.


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I have one for va. based blends & one for lats. But instead of putting scrapings in them, I usually wait till the contents left in a jar won't fill up a bowl then add that to whatever scrap jar it will help the most. If it won't help either, I load it in a pipe then use scrap to top off the bowl. I've yet to figure out how to work g&h into this system.
Separate jar is the way to go. The flowers complement each other.


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I've done this at various times, too. It's possible for it to work, but you usually end up with a bunch of dry shakey crumbs that aren't real great to smoke. And it's easy to render the whole jar nigh unsmokeable by adding the wrong thing, usually an aro of some sort.


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I have never done the odds and ends jar. If I get to the bottom of a pouch or something, and there is not enough for a full bowl, I just top it with something and smoke it that way. On a technicality, I smoke a lot of Double Down, and that is the SmokingPipes version of an odds and ends burley jar.


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I have an "Odds and Ends" jar. It's the ends of tins and bags, along with a couple aros I didn't smoke. It's got everything, but I have added (overall) probably about 2 pouches of PA over time, because I figure that even with several different aros and some lat and some everything else, if I added some PA to it, it would at least be smokable. And maybe it will be. I haven't tried it yet. My other tries at consciously blending haven't worked at all, so maybe this "random" blend will be absolutely amazing. I mean, it could happen...
Yeah, I doubt it too, and that's why the "Odds and Ends" jar is mostly tobaccopocalypse insurance, the last jar of "something to smoke." And likely bad enough to make me not miss smoking a pipe as much, lol...