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Why did you start smoking a pipe?


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My Father smoked a pipe as did my Uncle. That is not what started me on the pipe though. I was a regular cigar smoker and around the age of 22 (37 now)I found a great group of guys in San Francisco whom smoked cigars regularly at lunch time. It was a large group and there were a few pipe smokers sprinkled into the mix. Within a few months I had picked up a pipe (Sav 315ks) from Grant’s Tobacconist on Market St. and had some of the best times leaning how to smoke it withthis group of aficionados. I was by far the youngest in the group and had over a dozen older fellas to ask questions and provide encouragement. I do believe this type of knowledge transfer used to happen on the regular in person and I fear new pipers only have the forum as i now do that i do not work in the city near this group of guys. They tought me about lots - whiskey, pipes, cigars, wine, food, knives, good leather, suits and luggage. All the single guy stuff your Dad wont tell you because you should be saving for a ring and a not smoking cigars with the fat cats. Ok i am rambling but cool thread!


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I first dabbled with the pipe at about 13 or 14... my first attempt. I was already smoking cigarettes and really enjoyed smoking. I still remember buying that first pipe. I was working at a VW shop in Cartersville, GA and would walk around the shop to the CVS to buy my smokes. I saw a cheapo pipe hanging behind the counter and decided it looked cool. I bought it and a bag of bugler. It was one of those no name pipes with the metal liner in the bowl. I smoked the crap outta that pipe till I got nicotine sickness and threw it away. I REALLY like to smoke..
Smoked cigarettes through my early to mid twenties like a mad man and one Christmas during a WWII re-enactment I was at, a friend gave me an old Kaywoodie Bulldog and some type of cavendish tobacco. He taught me how to load the pipe and smoke it. I found myself smoking it more and more at reenactments instead of the Lucky Strikes and Camel non filter cigarettes. Less harsh, better tasting and longer lasting.. not to mention WAY cheaper! But when the re-enactment was over, I’d go back to cigarettes, but would smoke my pipe every so often. Fast forward to just a few years ago. I’m an OTR truck driver and chain smoking cigarettes like nobody’s business. By this point the enjoyment of them is fading fast, but I still LOVE to smoke. So I break out that old Kaywoodie and buy some cheap Captain Black, Prince Albert and Carter Hall pouches. I’d smoke that Kaywoodie more and more instead of all those ciggs.
I eventually weened myself off cigarettes for about six months and just smoked my pipe. Then stress, life and no time to enjoy a pipe at work caught up to me. In came more cigarettes. Now it’s a mix of cigarettes at work, and pipes when I’m not at work.
I hate cigarettes, absolutely LOVE my pipes and tobacco collection and am trying to ditch the cigg habit again and just enjoy my pipes exclusively like I used to. It’ll happen.

I didn’t get into pipes for looking cool, or being a hipster. I got into them for the love of smoking, and for tobacco, although I can’t stand smoking cigars.
Sorry for the long post, lol.


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Never smoked cigs. Smoked a ton of cigars, I was in college basically through the 80's and had picked it up there. Somewhere along the line, I wandered into Jon's Pipe Shop in Champaign and picked up a decent bent billiard basket pipe and some long forgotten bulk blend that was probably a burley/cavendish blend.... and liked it! But, my piping didn't take then. I continued through the major cigar explosion for the longest time until the prices exceeded what I was willing to pay. Can't quite remember when I dug out that old billiard and returned to the pipe. Again... wandered into a local tobacconist and was recommended yet another burley/cavendish bulk blend. Stuck with that and maybe one other unmemorable bulk from the same place until....... I found PSF. Then my pipe world just EXPLODED thanks to all the learned and edjumacated enablers!
Now, I still smoke the occasional cigar.... but it's down to one a week from June through August, which happens to coincide with my local cruise night. Oh, and when I go fishing too... but, I haven't been fishing in far longer than I care to admit. I really wish I had a couple of more decades of piping under my belt, but I sure do have at least several more decades of tobacco on hand to refine my piping life style!


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Why did I start smoking a pipe?

Well, I have often tried to figure, what an earth I was thinking. A lot of things were to be discovered for a young man, almost 40 years ago...My parents did not smoke and bicycle racing was our family hobby for many years. Guess I needed another silly hobby, after ending racing, and pipe smoking seemed tastier, less addictive and more cultivated, than cigarette smoking. Unfortunately for me, pipe smoking later also led to cigarette smoking, for convenience reasons, at work/office/gatherings etc. but I quit cigarette smoking some 10 years ago and then wished I had never started smoking anything. As always, I do really enjoy the pipe today but I am still addicted and now working on reducing to max 2 bowls per day... PC241586.jpeg


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My father smoked a pipe and I liked the aroma. He died and left a bunch of pipes, I got most of them. That was more than fifty years ago. Trying to learn to smoke a pipe was a challenger. I tried and stopped many times but things finally clicked. These days it is very relaxing or soothing. Factoring in the former PSF and now the PSD it is even better. Reading, learning and sharing information makes it all the more enjoyable. All of that can be attributed to the members of these forums. Thanks again, you do a great job!


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I come from generations of pipe smokers. My father smoked one all the time. I grew up in an era when all of the old men seemed to smoke pipes or cheap cigars. I gave it a try, and in college you could smoke basically everywhere. Smoking was a lot more common in the 70's. I liked pipe smoking and seemed to take to it like a fish to water. I had some suitemates in a dorm who introduced me to tinned tobacco, but was an Amphora Red and Sail Yellow guy until you could not get them any more.

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My dad smoked a pipe and I actually teethed on a pipe, much to the dismay of my mother who often bemoaned the "old stinky pipe." But I would not be parted and carried one everywhere. Had it with me for my first haircut -- had to clench with the bowl down because it was too heavy. Of course, I didn't put tobacco in one until I got a free pouch in a welcome bag at college and walked to a nearby drug store for my first pipe during finals of my freshman year in 1965.

My dad smoked a pipe and I actually teethed on a pipe, much to the dismay of my mother who often bemoaned the "old stinky pipe." But I would not be parted and carried one everywhere. Had it with me for my first haircut -- had to clench with the bowl down because it was too heavy. Of course, I didn't put tobacco in one until I got a free pouch in a welcome bag at college and walked to a nearby drug store for my first pipe during finals of my freshman year in 1965.

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Dang, you know you’re old when a guy’s college freshman pics look that young!

On topic I like tobacco, always have. Don’t want to go back to addictive behavior with cigarettes, and cigars are pricy. Plus I’ve always enjoyed things you have to fiddle with. So pipes, fly fishing, once upon a time waxable cross country skis. Those last got too fiddly for me though. I think I’m drawn to nerdy pursuits, no offense to those of you who find pipe smoking the epitome of worldly sophistication.

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I never knew anyone in my family to smoke a pipe growing up and really didn't know anything about pipes until I decided to try them out. During and after college I started getting into cigars because they seemed like something fun, fancy and luxurious to try and quickly learned that I like the taste of good tobacco. Unfortunately, I am (or was) very much a lightweight when it comes to nicotine and a very slow smoker, so a good cigar was a time commitment that I couldn't afford very often.

Even during that time I always thought it would be cool to try out pipe smoking because pipes themselves have a sort of quaint, dignified quality to them that I liked. Once I did some more research into pipes and learned that you would pack as much or as little tobacco in them as you want, can relight them any time and can enjoy a massive variety of different types and flavors I decided to give it try. They also have, based on the research I've seen, the lowest health risk of any method of enjoying tobacco. Plus pipes are historical and collectible and the community is fantastic and very familial. It just perfectly fits my personality and interests.