Why did you start smoking a pipe?


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I had a really bad year and as I was getting to my wit's end I remembered how at university we'd smoke some Cubans a friend brought back from a trip. It was really relaxing and enjoyable. So I spent some time on Google and see that I'd have to fork out $50 plus a cigar (South Africa is expensive for cigars). So I looked at alternatives. I saw some pipes which reminded me of my grand father who was a British trained carpenter. I was hooked to the look of a nice pipe.

Then I was in a pretty nasty accident. I got t boned at an intersection, and my car was totalled. My wife and kids were in the car and were rushed to hospital, I was unscathed. The other driver got incredibly violent... Let's just say I snapped and needed something to fixate on. Everyone offered me cigarettes but I didn't want to start that so as soon as my family was home safe I slipped out and got a basket pipe and some Borkum Riff black Cavendish. I also bought a pouch of my dad's roll your own, Golden Virginia. I was hoping it would bring me the calm he always seemed to have.

The Borkum Riff stripped my tongue, the golden Virginia did the same. Despite this it was Nirvana. I was hooked and knew it was going to be part of my life from then on, pain or not. I found PSF at about this stage (I was looking for tongue bite remedies). Just when I thought it couldn't get better it did.

Thanks for my peace of mind guys!
I started smoking a pipe in high school largely because "if you can't be cool, at least be different" I stayed with the pipe (pretty much) through high school and college, and even through my first year teaching. But once I got drafted, I learned very quicky that when the Sgt said "Smoke 'em if you got 'em" he didn't mean "Take out your pipe. Run a pipe cleaner through it. Find your tobacco. Pack carefully. Find matches. Do a charring light. Light for real. Relax and Smoke". So it was back to cigarettes. I would run across my pipes every once in a while and smoke them for a day or two, but always seemed to revert to the cigarettes. Every few years I would decide to quit cigarettes and smoke my pipes and whatever tobacco I had left from the last attempt. This usually lasted until my tongue was thoroughly charred and was never successful.

About twenty years ago I was pheasant hunting in a field I'd walked hundreds of times before, when halfway I found myself wheezing and totally out of breath (and wanting a cigarette anyway). I quit. Without pipes. With no nicotine but a patch. A year later I allowed myself a cigar once in a while. But cigars kept climbing in price and my wife complained about the smell. So I switched back to the pipe. I discovered English blends. This time it took. I enjoy my pipes and hope they forgive me for my past indiscretions.


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My dad smoked a pipe and I actually teethed on a pipe, much to the dismay of my mother who often bemoaned the "old stinky pipe." But I would not be parted and carried one everywhere. Had it with me for my first haircut -- had to clench with the bowl down because it was too heavy. Of course, I didn't put tobacco in one until I got a free pouch in a welcome bag at college and walked to a nearby drug store for my first pipe during finals of my freshman year in 1965.

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John Rolf Peach Brandy. I remember that story well...


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My father smoked a pipe...as did his father, guess you could almost say it's a family tradition, made the plunge in Afghanistan when I was bored, found Smokingpipes, ordered my very first pipe, a Dunhill bent billiard, and a pound of McClelland 5110...fortunately the mail got delivered a couple months later and I had something to cure my boredom


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Twenty five years ago I bought my father-in-law a pipe for Christmas. In 2010 my father-in-law passed away and my mother in law asked me if I would like to have the pipe. I told her I would. I then decided I would try to smoke it. The only problem I had was I could not find any pipe tobacco where I live. I finally found some at a gas station. It was Red Cap. I had no idea how to pack a pipe or how to smoke it. Man was it a bad experience. I then found some cherry tobacco at WalMart. It went pretty good. Then I did some google searches and found PSF. It all snow balled from there.

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My parents both smoked cigarettes for years while my dad also smoked an occasional pipe hence my beginning to smoke cigarettes not to mention most kids I ran around with also smoked. In an attempt to get me to quit cigarettes my dad gave me a pipe and some tobacco to try but with little success. He did continue to smoke both cigarettes and pipes until his death. I did try a pipe but only occasionally with the usual excuse that it was too much trouble. My future step-father, with whom I later worked also smoked a pipe.
When I moved to nearby Nashville and started work with a new Architectural firm and sought further formal education at the local University, I discovered a pipe shop in one of the local malls and really discovered the world of pipes and different blends of tobaccos available.
From there I was hooked. After many tries I finally gave up cigarettes and converted to pipes. I didn't look back and I haven't smoked a cigarette since. and that's been 18 years.


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I think it actually bcame down to watching YouTube videos. I witnessed the ritual and sense of the hobby it can become. It looked very enjoyable and relaxing. I have always been drawn to tobacco. I smoked cigs when I was young and then cigars occassionally for years and found I enjoy tobacco. I didn't grow up knowing of anyone that smoked a pipe but I remember the times of walking down the Pipe and Tobacco isle of Walgreens, (yes I remember an actual isle or at least part of one) lined with bags of pipe tobacco and tons of Grabow pipes. The smell was intoxocating, it smelled so nice. I remember thinking as a kid I will give this a go sometime. I believe it was seeing my wife's uncle smoke a pipe first hand that led me to looking into it, first online and then finding YouTube videos. I have been smoking a pipe on and off for close to 10 yrs I would say. Only in the last year or so have I really dove into it on a regular basis.


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Had a next door neighbor growing up who did it and he always seemed blessed out also seemed like wholesome venture on a relative scale.Jay Leno in an interview was asked why he chilled for Doritos in commercials and he said I've never seen dead teens in a road accident clutching bags of cool ranch.I've got the same or similar take on pipesmoking.you never see dead teens clutching briars meerschaums and pouches of lane tobacco so there must be something good and redeeming to it all

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My Dad and his friends all smoked a pipe during the late 70s when I was in my impressionable stage. Then fast forward to when I am an "adult" and I just got bored with cigars. So I grabbed a basket pipe from Pipes by George in Raleigh, NC and a pack of their Cherry and Vanilla blend and I was off. That was probably around 1997. I didn't get full on into pipe until the mid-2000s.


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My mother was a cig smoker and my father smoked a pipe and the occasional cigar. She had to have her cigs and my father would sometimes go a month or longer without smoking his pipe. I didn't like the idea of being dependent on anything and I liked the smell of the pipe tobaccos my father smoked so I decided while I was in college to buy my first one. In college, I had a lot of time between classes, as most students do, so had the time to smoke my pipe and learn the nuances of my new-found passion. At that time smoking wasn't prohibited on campus or for that matter, in the classroom or the union or even the basketball arena or anywhere else. My pipes helped me pass the time and gave me something to do when I was or wasn't studying or for that matter when I was studying. One thing led to another and I really liked the rituals of smoking a pipe so I bought more pipes and experimented with different tobaccos. I have never been an inhaler of pipe tobacco so it has and still is easy for me to put it down for a week or longer at the time without any ill effects. I really enjoy pipes and have for almost 46 years. I guess in retrospect I can say I picked it up because my father was a pipe smoker and he always seemed to enjoy it. I followed in his footsteps.


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My father smoked a pipe...as did his father, guess you could almost say it's a family tradition, made the plunge in Afghanistan when I was bored, found Smokingpipes, ordered my very first pipe, a Dunhill bent billiard, and a pound of McClelland 5110...fortunately the mail got delivered a couple months later and I had something to cure my boredom
Whoa! You started with SmokingPipes, a Dunhill and a POUND of McClelland 5110!?! That is a place people end up after years of fumbling around. What an auspicious start!
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I started to get off cigarettes. I probably wouldn't have been successful without an excellent local tobacconist who for fairly minimal damage got me to toss my POS Whitehall Red Dot pipe and replace it with a Comoy Tradition. More importantly, he taught me how to load and smoke the pipe properly, not to mention how to properly clean it. It wasn't long before he got me off the Goopers and onto Rattrays, McClellands and so forth. The rest is history.