Why did you start smoking a pipe?


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I read an article online something to the effect of "20 things every man should know how to do." Along with starting a fire and shaving with a straight razor, was how to smoke a pipe. I remember walking through the malls as a small kid and going into the Tinderbox stores and absolutely loving the smell. I would spend 1/2 an hour in there just looking around and smelling.

I thought, why not?

I still haven't found the blend that smells like that exact smell. It was a combination of all the pipe tobaccos and cigars together. But it's a fun adventure trying to find that smell, knowing that I probably never will.


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I started smoking a friends meerschaum pipe. I was a Civil War reenactor and about 22. He had a meer that he would put on display on a table. I remembered my grandpa smoking a pipe, and his loading ritual. So when the guy complained that the pipe looked so new, I offered to buy some tobacco and bring it to the next event and smoke the pipe to color it. I bought some tobacco from a local shop, probably a locally labelled VBC. Definitely some type of black cav. I had a good summer smoking that little meer around campfires and decided to buy some of my own pipes and tobacco.


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lol I can relate, now. When I started I was single though. Have been pondering the question, and...


I know I started a pipe before cigars. Put the pipe down in the 80s, picked it back up in 2017. Put cigars down in the 90s, and recently lite one up the other day (still have a few humidors full of good stuff, which I hydrate regularly).


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I switched from cigars to pipes due in part to the birth of our daughter nine months ago. Few and far between now are the carefree days of lighting up a H. Upmann on the back deck and checking out for a few hours.

Time crunch with the family and job led me to pipes, and here I am. I can easily step out for 30-45 minutes each night after everyone else is in bed, and it’s “my” time.

Happy to be here.


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I had an uncle who smoked a pipe when I was young. Remembered thinking he was cool and I enjoyed the smell. Tried a pipe years ago with a drugstore Grabow and a bag of cheap cherry tobacco. Had no one at that time to show me the basics. Tried cramming a half pound of tobacco in that little pipe, puffed like crazy, got terrible tongue bite, got frustrated and quit. Fast forward several years and I decided to try again. Bought a MM pipe from another drugstore, found PSF searching the internet for pipe smoking advice and the rest is history.

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One of my best friends has tried to get me to join his cigars club for years. I liked the whiskey, but never
found any enjoyment with cigars. One day he took me to another friend's tobacco shop where both of
us decided to get a vauen basic pipe. I got some Dunhill Navy Rolls and some MacBaren Flake with the pipe
(I simply loved the idea of the navy cut) and have been enjoying it ever since.

I've tried many different blends since, but still plugs, kakes and flakes are what I like the most.


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I have time for a long story. My step-grandfather was a whiskey drinking pipe smoker. He was a mechanic working for a transmission shop back in the late-50s and early-60s and he always carried a small pipe with him to work. When he took a break, he smoked his pipe. When he rode the bus to and from work, he smoked his pipe. Yes, smoking on city buses was allowed back then.

I started smoking a pipe the summer of 1972 while stationed on a Coast Guard icebreaker homeported in Seattle. Before we left on a cruise off the coast of Alaska, one of the Chiefs I worked for suggested I get a pipe. I did. When I had the time after a watch, I would sit on the fantail and smoke my pipes with the other pipe smokers who were all senior to me. They took me under their wings and not only taught me proper pipe smoking techniques but about life in the Coast Guard in general. It's probably why I stayed in for 21 years.