Why did you start smoking a pipe?


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I smoked cigars for nearly 20 years, and my wife never cared for them. She didn’t mind the smell of them burning, it was the stale smoke smell that lingered for so long after.

12 years ago she decided to buy me a pipe for Christmas. Her grandfather smoked a pipe, and she remembered whatever he smoked never left a stale scent, at least it didn’t last long. She did some research and found The Briary in Homewood, AL. She spoke to Skip and after getting some details, she picked out a Randy Wiley bent freehand, 2 ounces of burley, 2 ounces of a Virginia mixture and 2 ounces of London Blend (lat bomb). She also got a pipe lighter, tamper and pipe cleaners.

I remember opening the gift and being bowled over by the thoughtfulness and research. I also wasn’t sure Inwould like it, but gave it a try. The variety of pipe tobacco flavors and pipe shapes hooked me and I’ve never looked back.


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I've always loved tobacco. Since trying my first dip, stealing my dad's Winstons, etc. From the first taste, tobacco was like "Hey, it's YOU again! Awesome!" Smoked cigs for many years, then decided to quit for multiple reasons. 10 years after quitting cigarettes I decided it was time to finally give a pipe a good try. I had always been curious, but I looked into it and found that the health risks were quite a bit less with a pipe, etc. etc. etc. We all know all the reasons. I brought it up to my wife, ready to go with all my justifications in a line, but she surprised me. Her only question was, "You're not going to start smoking cigarettes again, right?" I let her know that I never wanted to smoke another cigarette, and that I knew that to be true since it had been 10 years without them, but that I WOULD like to be able to enjoy (and REALLY enjoy) my beloved tobacco again... I hope those years between cigs and my pipe are the last tobacco-free years I ever spend.


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Your wife is special @BradNTx ! You are a most fortunate man.... mine tolerates my piping, and certainly not in the house.
Thanks Mongo, I do feel fortunate. I don’t think she ever anticipated PAD or wanting a cellar with 60 lbs of tobacco, but she rolls with it for the most part. I only smoke in my office with the door closed, and it has a Panasonic Whisper exhaust fan.


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I got a pipe when I was in college just to give it a try. There was a prof who smoked one in a big semi-open stairwell, and it smelled great. Was vastly disappointed that the taste was nothing like that smell. Most recently, I got curious about the whole pipe thing because of a pipe subforum on another forum I frequent. So glad I gave pipe smoking another try!


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Because I couldn't afford smoking Camel Nonfilters anymore. It was costing me $175 a month and I had cut back and if you've ever smoked Camel nonfilters you'll know NOTHING satisfies after them. Hell, even Lucky Strikes were weak and Pall Mall's tasted like a Chesterfield that had been sitting on the dashboard for a month.
So to make a long story longer I switched to a pipe which only costs me about $10 a month, not counting the pipe but, it's reusable as you know. I now smoke less then I did
smoking cigarettes and only get about half the nicotine.
Now the cost of pipes is a different story but, since I took up making the dadburn things I can't even afford my own.
Now is there a happy ending? I don't know,.................I'm still waiting.

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I was 17 years old at my senior cook out and my friend had a pipe with him. I instantly thought it was very cool and he let me try it. I obtained my first pipe, a very old and worn Dr. Grabow a few months later and would randomly buy tobacco from time to time to smoke in it, so it was a very off and on thing at first. I always had trouble keeping it lit so I eventually went online and watched pipe tutorials and discovered this world full of different types of tobacco blends and pipes. I didn't realize how involved the hobby could be and I became obsessed.


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History has always been an interest of mine. As I would flip through the history books and gaze at the pictures, I would always see pipe smokers contently puffing on their pipes. Ultimately for me, smoking a pipe is a way to experience a culture and way of life that is almost gone. It's a way to transport myself back through the ages and experience historical thought and contemplation when it was common for people to have idle time. Perhaps more than why I started, it's the reason I continue to smoke a pipe.


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I started to get off cigarettes. I probably wouldn't have been successful without an excellent local tobacconist who for fairly minimal damage got me to toss my POS Whitehall Red Dot pipe and replace it with a Comoy Tradition. More importantly, he taught me how to load and smoke the pipe properly, not to mention how to properly clean it. It wasn't long before he got me off the Goopers and onto Rattrays, McClellands and so forth. The rest is history.
I'm ashamed that I only just now read this.
I don't get to sit at my b&m (The Country Squire) very often, but twice I've had the chance to see Jon David demonstrate to a new pipe purchaser how to properly fill a pipe. There are probably a lot fewer pipers than there would be otherwise without someone showing folks a fundamental that the old hands don't even think much about anymore - we've got it down pat enough that we don't have to think so hard about it, y'know?
I have - both times - chimed in with, "The test draw is everything" because you can always dump it and start from scratch if you don't have it how you like it. It would've saved my tongue a lot of trouble if I'd had the good sense and opportunity to learn from others at the jump.
YTPC is a great alternative, but real b&m's are a vital part of piping.


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In my case I come from a family of smokers. Both parents smoked, my mom cigarettes, my dad mini cigarettes, and my grandfather a pipe. Since I was a child I always saw him enjoying his pipe and it caught my attention (that own space, the ritual of loading, having a personal activity to lower the revolutions, etc..). I always wanted to smoke a pipe but considered that "I was too young to do it" and that later I would ...
From a very young age I started smoking cigarettes (13 years old), which I smoked for 10 years. Then I left because it seemed too long to do something harmful. I was several years without smoking, in which occasionally I smoked a cigar or mini-cigar. After turning 30, my interest in the pipe was activated again (perhaps unconsciously it seemed to me that I was old enough) ... I inherited my grandfather's pipe (the only one that my grandmother did not throw away ... a beautiful Butz Choquín) and then I bought my first pipe (an aldo velani) ... Approximately 4 years have passed and the last 2 have become a regular (daily) activity and that I enjoy more and more ...
I didn't have a "mentor" and spaces like this forum have allowed me to learn and share with other smokers who understand and appreciate the hobby !! (since nobody around me smokes a pipe).