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why do you come to the pipe tobacco (or in stock alert) forum every day?

Sir Saartan

The Tan Saarlander
What happened to Ruffinogold?
Ruffinogold joined the "we don't talk about other forums".

When the old PSF went down, I inittially joined both forums to see which one was going to
be the legitimate heir. I stayed here as you can see. Once every couple of months I check
the other forum just to see if someone I miss here may be around. Turned out he still is.


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Unless I suddenly start smoking a dozen bowls a day, I've got enough tobacco to last me until they turn into - what was that term(?) - mummified tobacco lol.

Why do I keep coming here? Maybe Ernie Q's next batch of Simply Red is out!

Yep, that one and the 2019 PSD Tobacco of the year. That's all I am going to be buying the rest of this year........I think.

Sir Saartan

The Tan Saarlander
After years of dodging trolls on the internet, I come here because the people treat each other kindly. This is a refreshing oasis of civility on the web. Also, I've learned a metric ton about pipes and tobacco here. And, I want to get a heads up on the next Sam Gawith shipment.
Good thing Sam Gawith - most blends anyway - are widely available in Germany.

Other than that, I agree 100% and then some.

Even though I'm most likely one of the youngest people on this forum, I've gone through a bunch of crap already and
I don't think I took all of that lightly. Being here and experiencing a community where kindness and generosity seem
to be the most common way to treat one another: that's really something I haven't seen much of in the offline world.

That said, it carries over. I think this place tought me to relax a lot more and be much more calm about things that
don't go my way.

darth finster

Well, of course I know him....he's me.
I show up to see who's around. I check recent posts to see if anyone's posted anything interesting or funny. I can always count on a few folks. I post what I'm smoking in case anyone's interested....there are a few with similar tastes to mine, and I try new blends from time to time. I like seeing nice pipes, and I see some of those here.