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I won't say Woody was a great guy, I don't really think he was. He was a hermit more or less, I think he liked social interaction on his own terms mostly, and he founded and ran PSF in order to meet pipe-oriented people and learn some stuff. But mostly he was a curmudgeon of the highest order. I think he lived with chronic pain, which makes anyone a little cranky. I was returning to pipes after having kind of ignored them for a few years back in ... about 05 or 06 I guess, and I can't remember how I found PSF either.... I was using other boards, the old pipes.org board and GFO, and the british one... PSF was empty when I joined, I think I was member 50 or so. But it built up and gained traction as a good board largely because Woody just didn't put up with any crap, and he didn't care if he made enemies - if you aren't here for the right reasons, go away! Anyway my whole career as a pipe maker occured on PSF and now PSD. There was a time I despaired of ever selling anything on PSF... it came eventually. And other boards came and went, and other media platforms frankly exploded for pipes - facebook, instagram etc. PSF was "home" for a lot of us though, stable and boring, just the way we like it.
Well said, Todd.


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In October 2013 I was searching online for estate pipes and found a link to the forum. I read a few posts and joined immediately. In kindred spirits I found a fellowship, a brotherhood that struck a note in me. I have followed the forum almost everyday. I may go days without posting, but I almost never miss a day of reading the posts of others. I thank Woody for creating a place that us pipers, men and women can come to sit and smoke together; gather around the proverbial campfire and share a few stories, tell some jokes and learn about each other.

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I as some spent quite a long time over at the old forum. No matter what I totally respected his way of doing things. After all--it was his forum. He was the captain of his ship, and left not one single person onto the bridge of his ship. I often thought it was odd, but it was his ship--his rules--plain, and simple. I for one am glad he ran a tight ship. It kept things neat, and tidy.
His way of doing things were simple--If you came to his website, and acted like a jackass--you were shown to the door. The big problem with many forums over the years were the fact they lacked decent moderation. In turn the sites would get out of hand--personal attacks, all kinds of political, and religious arguments, and everything would get so far out of hand that certain forums were not even fit to visit. Woody simply did not tolerate that garbage. There was tight moderation, rules, and was simple--play nice, or get out.
He set an example that is being followed pretty darn well here at the new site that by the way there are folks that worked darn hard on THEIR time, and THEIR dime to make the existing "Pipe-Smokers-Den" possible. May God rest Woody in eternal, and everlasting peace.