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Hoping to wrap up #51 here before the new year. Few things I'm not happy with, but none of them really show up in this picture. Just needs engraving and the chamber sanded/coated. First time trying to bend this stem material and I'm curious to see if it holds the bend, would have made more sense to test it with more than a tiny bend but it wouldn't have looked right on this pipe. Actually, might tweak this bend a little more anyway now that I'm looking at it 😂
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What's the stem material, that you're worried about bending it?


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What's the stem material, that you're worried about bending it?
Ha - picked it up when I bought my lathe from a guy who was liquidating his pipe making stuff. It's a rhinoplastic pen blank, which I believe is some variety of polyester or "polycrylic". It was a fad over on PMF like maybe 8-10 years ago(?), but I'm pretty much ready to abandon ebonite if I find something I prefer, so I'm trying some carp out.
Smells sweet when worked, files and sands easily but needs a lighter touch than ebonite, polishes up nicely. Color is a transparent black with a dark silver fine swirl, which might be hit or miss for folks but it looks basically black in anything but very bright light. Feels a touch harder than ebonite but less hard than acrylic and not as clicky on your teeth. Lots of positives, but the "not black" puts it on the fence for me. Not holding a bend would be a kiss of death.