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New dilemma:
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It’s okay, I have until
the end of the month
to figure this one out.
Any suggestions?
Missing threads? Turn a base from something dark with a recess on top to mate it to and a threaded nub on the other side. How exactly this will be done is beyond me. I'm the idea man, not the guy that has to make it work.:bangin:

The turned piece could seal to the bowl with a heat resistant o-ring.


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@snake , I've seen the guy from Dropbear Woodworks make some Falcon bowls from scratch. Once he's got them drilled, he chucks a dowel in the lathe, then pressure fits the bowl over the dowel to do the work on the bottom end. I would think something like that would give you good access to cut a matching mortise in the bottom of that meer.

(I haven't touched a lathe in 15+ years, just watched it on YouTube. )


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That makes sense. It also remind me I need to fix my dremel. I think it needs brushes.
Another issue I may run into
with doing a jam chuck with
the meer bowl is the bottom
part of that bowl is weak
enough that the existing delrin
threads were compromised
already, so the meer material
wouldn’t hold up to any
force put on it with lathe tools.
I could end up destroying
the whole bowl.