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...you are my density.

Sir Saartan

The Tan Saarlander
I wonder which is more dense, 3P or Salty Dogs?
definately salty dogs. I've compared both a while ago.

a 50g plug of salty dogs is about 20% less volume than 3P. Also, cutting it is a pain in the arse. 3P I get it done with
a kitchen knife without a problem, but salty dogs motivated me to buy my now dedicated plugs knife.


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This was rusted into place when I picked it up. A lot of elbow grease & a little paint go a long way. If I build a form just a tad bigger than the base of the jack, I can actually let the bottom of the jack lower three inches into the form before hitting the handle. That should give me enough to play with. I even thought of inverting the jack, but I don't want to drill bolt holes in the casing.
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I think that you got him at "free".
Inexpensive is great, but free is usually better.
The pressure chamber is really the biggest concern I have at the moment. While the tobacco inside isn't liquid (which would transmit pressure equally in all directions) I'm sure that there will be outward pressure on the walls in addition to the vertical applied load. I just don't know how much outward pressure there will be.


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The reference was completely intentional.
Even after years of teaching physics and chemistry, I could never resist that line. Of course, over time fewer of my students got the movie reference.
Even worse was the time I made a Monty Python reference & literally no one caught it. The next class meeting I played 20 minutes of The Holy Grail to about 20 future pharmacists and physical therapists. No one complained, but my reputation as an eccentric was firmly entrenched.
Even better was when the chairman of my department came in & watched it with us.