Your Sacred Smoking Spaces


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I'm mainly a solitary smoker. I'm an introvert and it recharges my battery, so to speak. As to where, my shop is my primary location and my back yard under the trees is the second runner up.

well.... I don't get there very often... but along Mirror Lake beneath Half Dome comes close is some ways
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Beautiful locations, Yosemite.
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Mine depends if I wanna take a road trip or not...

If I take a road trip, it is going to New Harmony State Park, abut a 20 minute drive...and sitting along the banks of the Wabash river...or here down by the Ohio river...

If not traveling, it’s right out back the house..


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Cannon Beach, Oregon is one of mine. As long as the winds are low, the temperature is almost always agreeable...fantastic sounds and sites to take in. An immensely relaxing place where I like to enjoy a pipe without many people around.

Walking around my yard in the twilight is another one to mirror what others have said. The relative coolness, even on hotter days here in the South, the lack of road noise and children's demands... it's just a quiet time to take in nature and enjoy the slow puffing ritual we all love.

Last one I'd note is a picnic table...anywhere. At work, in the yard, any old spot really, as long as a friend is there. Not the most comfortable in terms of ergonomics, but I've never actually noticed the discomfort while being there with a pipe. Have shared many a bowl with friends on ill maintained picnic tables, and there is plenty of gemütlichkeit to be found in those situations.


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In the process of acquiring this space. Next winter my smoking will be enhanced. It will be sacred.